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Research Projects

Externally Funded Projects

# Title PI/Co-PI Cost Place Start Year End Year Achievement Impact
1 Borers management in arid and semi-arid horticulture crops (ICAR-IIHR, Network Project) PI 48 lakh ICAR-CIAH, Bikaner 2014 2017 1. First record of the Small salmon arab, Colotis amata on pilu, (Salvadora persica) in arid region of Rajasthan. 2. New source of resistance against fruit borer, Meridarchis scyrodes and Dudua aprobola in jamun, (GJ-26, GJ-27, GJ-19, GJ-15) have been identifided. 3. Developed organic IPM module against stone weevil in ber. Reduce the farmers cost of cultivation through resistance line and IPM modules. Use of resistance line for future molecular breeding programme.
2 AICRP on Honey bees and Pollinators PI 8 lakh per year COA, CAU, Imphal 2020 continue Development of pollen substitute for Indian honey bees. Pollen substitute used during dearth period of honey bees.
3 Survey, mapping, Bees floral reward, assessment of nutraceutical value and promotion of beekeeping in high hill altitude PI 81.04 lakh COA, CAU, Imphal 2022 continue Identified the bee species with nutraceutical value of honey in higher altitude Nutraceutical value of honey in higher altitude.
4 Network Project on Conservation of Lac Insect Genetic Resources Co-PI 80 lakh COA, CAU, Imphal 2020 continue Collection, conservation and identification of lac insect plant of NEH region. Its helpful for production of lac in NEH region.
5 Integrated Bee Development Centre Co-PI 1.30 crore COA, CAU, Imphal 2020 continue Developed the facility for processing of raw honey upto packaging. Increased the value honey after processing.
6 Implementation of mobile based agro advisory system (m4agri) Co-PI 148.5 lakh COA, CAU, Imphal 2020 continue Development of mobile app for complete transfer the technology upto farmers. Timely management of insect pest of crops

Institutionally Funded Projects

# Title PI/Co-PI Cost Start Year End Year
1 Survey of insect-pests, their natural enemies and pest management strategies for cucurbits in arid region of Rajasthan PI 31.1 lakh 2011 2015
2 Biology and management strategies for major insect pests of fruit crops in hot-arid region with special reference to ber, bael, datepalm and lasora PI 34.3 lakh 2013 2018
3 Genetic improvement of ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula) under arid environment Co-PI 71.96 lakh 2010 2018
4 Introduction, collection, characterization, conservation and evolution of cucurbitaceous crops (muskmelon, watermelon, long melon and sponge gourd) under arid conditions Co-PI 39.37 lakh 2012 continue
5 Introduction, collection, characterization, conservation and evaluation of germplasm of ber (Ziziphus spp.) Co-PI 7 lakh 2017 continue
6 Introduction, collection, characterization, conservation and evaluation of germplasm of arid and semi-arid fruit and vegetable crops: pomegranate Co-PI 5 lakh 2018 continue
7 Management of different diseases of arid horticultural crops through botanicals and inorganic salts under hot arid conditions of Rajasthan Co-PI 50.1 lakh 2018 continue
8 Indigenous and exotic underutilized fruit crops (Lasora, ker, pilu, karonda, phalsa, cactus pear, fig, mulberry and dragon fruit) Co-PI 28.41 lakh 2017 2019
9 Biochemical mechanism of abiotic stress tolerance in arid horticulture crops Co-PI 87 lakh 2017 continue
10 Production system management in ber under hot arid ecosystem Co-PI 69.5 lakh 2017 continue
11 Maintenance and use of arid vegetable genetic resources for crop improvement Co-PI 26.54 lakh 2018 continue
12 Improvement of arid fruits and vegetable crops by selection and hybridization under arid environment (h) Improvement in vegetable crops Co-PI 25.28 lakh 2014 2018
13 Population dynamics of major insect pests on arid fruits and vegetables Co-PI 12.85 lakh 2010 2011
14 Molecular characterization of begomo virus affecting chilli in hot arid region Co-PI 15.1 lakh 2010 2011