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Trainings, Workshops and Seminars attended

# Title Duration
1 Winter school training course on ?Modern approaches in diagnostics and management of pest and diseases in vegetables crops under protected conditions? from November 05 to November 25, 2012 at Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, ICAR, Varanasi 21 days
2 Advanced training course on ?Biorational Insect Pest Management? from February 17, 2011 to March 09, 2011 at Department of Agricultural Entomology, Centre for Plant Protection Studies, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, TN 21 days
3 Training programme on ?Forecast Modelling in Crops? from 3rd august, 2011 to 12th august, 2011 at Division of Forcasting, IASRI, New Delhi 10 days
4 Training programme on ?Naturally occurring nutraceuticals, crop protectants and other biomolecules for application in human and crop health? from January 23 to February 2, 2012 at Division of Agricultural Chemicals, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 10 days
5 Training cum workshop on ?Statistical tools for data analysis? organised by Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Santoshnagar, Hyderabad during 2-7, March, 2009 6 days
6 National Seminar on ?Applied Entomology: Current status, Challenges and Opportunities? from September, 26-28, 2005 at Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur 3 days
7 National Seminar on ?Precision Farming in Horticulture? organized by College of Horticulture & Forestry, Jhalarapatan, Jhalawar? 326 023 (Rajasthan) during 28-29, December, 2010 3 days
8 3rd congress on insect science ?Pest Management for Food Security aqnd Environment Health? organized by department of entomology, PAU, Ludhiana- 141004 during 18-20, April, 2011 3 days
9 National workshop on Date Palm, 4th October, 2010 organised by Central Institute for Arid Horticulture, Bikaner 1 day
10 National Seminar on ?Emerging pest problems and their bio-rational management? organised by Department of Entomology, RAC, MPUAT, Udaipur during 2-3, March, 2012 3 days
11 Global conference on ?Horticulture for food, nutrition and livelihood options? organised by ASM foundation, New Delhi and OUAT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa during 27-31, May, 2012 5 days
12 4th international conference on ?International Conference on Insect Science? organized by UAS, Bangalore during 14-17, February, 2013 4 days
13 National workshop on ?Foresight and future pathways of agricultural research through involvement of youth in India? at NASC complex, New Delhi during 1-2, March, 2013 2 days
14 National symposium on ?National Symposium on Abiotic and Biotic Stress Management in Vegetable Crops? organised by IIVR, Varanasi during 12-14, April, 2013 3 days
15 International conference on ?International Conference on Entomology? organized by PU, Patiala during 21-23, February, 2014 3 days
16 International conference on ?International Conference on horticulture for nutrition, livelihood & environmental security in hills: opportunity and challenges? organized by UBKV (Hill campus), Kalimpong during 22-24, May, 2014 3 days
17 International conference on ?Changing scenario of pest problems in Agri-horti ecosystem and their management? during 27-29, November, 2014 at RCA, MPUAT, Udaipur 3 days
18 Workshop on ?Revised IPM packages of fruit crops? as expert for Ber and Phalsa IPM packages at NIPHM, Hyderabad during 10 February, 2015 1 day
19 National symposium on ?Sustaining agricultural productivity in arid ecosystems: challenges & opportunities (SAPECO-2015)? during August, 19-22, 2015 at CAZRI, Leh 4 days
20 25th National Conference on ?Natural resource management in arid and semi-arid ecosystem for climate resilient agriculture and rural development? organized by SKRAU, Bikaner during 17-19, February, 2016 3 days
21 National Conference on ?Agriculture Resource Management for Sustainability and Eco-Restoration? organized by ICAR-CIAH, Bikaner during 11-13, March, 2016 3 days
22 Workshop on ?Climate change mitigation and adaptation in hot arid region? under NICRA project organised by CAZRI, RRS, Bikaner in 26th February, 2016 1 days
23 Tephritid seminar on ?Understanding tephritids in toto: taxonomy, ecology, quarantine and management? organised by ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru during 27th May, 2016 1 day
24 Symposium of Tephritid workers of Asia, Australia and Oceania (TAAO) organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia during 15 to 18 August, 2016. 4 days
25 International Conference on Entomology organized by Punjabi University, Patiala during 03 to 05, December 2016. 3 days
26 Interaction programme between Scientists and Progressive Farmers organized by RAJUVA, Bikaner during 09 to 10, March, 2017. 2 days
27 National Conference on Intensification and Diversification in Agriculture for Livelihood and Rural Development at DRPCAU, Pusa (Samastipur), Bihar during 28-31 May, 2018. 4 days
28 National Conference on Arid Horticulture for Enhancing Productivity & Economic Empowerment at ICAR-CIAH, Bikaner during 3 days
29 1st Vegetable Science Congress on emerging challenges in vegetable research & education at AU, Jodhpur during 3 days
30 National seminar on ?IPM in Pomegranate? at Excellent Centre of Pomegranate at Dhindol, Jaipur during 1-2 March, 2019. 2 days
31 XIX International Plant Protection Congress at ICRISAT, Hyderabad during 10-14 November, 2019. 5 days
32 Workshopp on ICAR KRISHI Geoportal-A digital platform for sustainable agriculture during 7-8 March at ICAR-NBSS&LUP, Nagpur. 2 days
33 National webinar on ?Strategies & Policy Interventions for Agricultural Development in North-East India during COVID-19 Era? on June 13-14, 2020 at Central Agricultural University, Imphal 2 days
34 National conference on Agricultural Resource Management for Atma Nirbhar Bharat during 17-19 July 2020 at College of Agriculture, CAU, Imphal 3 days
35 International web conference on ?Ensuring Food Safety, Security and Sustainability through Crop Protection? 2 days
36 International Webconference on ?Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals? organized by Academy of Natural Resource Conservation and Management, Lucknow (UP), India during 11-12 September, 2020. 2 days
37 National Seminar on ?Conservation and Commercialization of Citrus Biodiversity in NEH Region? organized by College of Agriculture, CAU, Imphal during February 18-19, 2021. 2 days
38 National Web-symposium on Recent Advances in Beneficial Insects and Natural Resins & Gums held at ICAR-IINRG, Ranchi during February 25-26, 2021 2 days
39 CAU Regional Agri-Fair-2020-21 organized by Directorate of Extension Education, CAU, Imphal during March 08-10, 2021 with stall as PI, AICRP HB&P. 3 days
40 Workshop on ?Scientific Paper Publication: Critical Issues? under NAHEP-IDP project at COA, CAU, Imphal during 12-13 August 2021. 2 days
41 International Conference entitled ?Integrated Agriculture, Natural Farming, Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Bio-Entrepreneurship under Changing Climate Scenario? At COA, Kyrdemkulai, Meghalaya during 7-9th of December 2021 3 days
42 International Web Conference on Global Research Initiatives for Sustainable Agriculture & Allied Sciences organized by Ashtha Foundation, Meerut, UP during 13-15 December 2021, PP-73-74. 3 days